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We Are Tiny Talisman Games

Stylized is our life! Seriously we mean it. We've been doing this a long time to bring you pure, mind bending and beautiful art to the table. 


Why “tiny”, one might ask? Well, as the saying goes, “strong essences are kept in small bottles”.

We strive to find the spirit, the essence behind one’s idea and take the steps required to get the best results. It’s not just about what one sees – it’s also about the feeling that art expresses.

Our dedicated team of artists is experienced and up to date with the latest workflows and methods to draw up the highest quality of game art one can think of. Making sure to always communicate, whilst also keeping things precise and enjoyable, we are there for you when questions arise, which, by the way, can most easily be submitted via our contact form.


What We Are About


We're working on multiple projects in multiple styles at the same time. Our artists create art for a range of different styles and we can adapt to new styles and workflows easily. 


Art is literally our life. We all spend our lives browsing Artstation every day and visualizing everything we see as a game. We're full of ideas and bursting to work on new things. 


Both within our team and with our clients we strive to forge great working relationships that last for years. Everyone that has worked with or worked for Tiny Talisman has left with great career opportunities and big smiles on their face. 

Some of our clients

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We’d Love to Work With You

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We want to grow with new people and create the dream team!

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