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3D modelling on a computer

Our Workflow

At Tiny Talisman Games, when we work with clients to develop high-quality game art, our first priority is to provide top-quality results at the highest standards that fit perfectly with the client’s goals, vision and technical requirements. We will take the time to get to know you and your game so the process is a lot more personal and to ensure we provide you with the exact product you are looking for. 

The following breaks down our step-by-step process and details our game art estimation process at Tiny Talisman Games.

Having a call with a client

Tell us about yourself and your game

We want to know you! We care deeply about the teams we collaborate with and a big part of making an amazing final product is learning as much as we can about you and your game. We like to know as much as we can about your game and what you aspire it to be, what games inspired it and how you envision the game in its final form. If any of these details are particularly secretive, we are more than happy to sign an NDA with you.

Artist using graphics tablet


We would need to know what kind of game art service you are looking for and currently, we offer services for 3D asset creation, set dressing and lighting in Unreal Engine and optimizations.‍ We would need to know how many assets you are looking for, any technical requirements such as the game engine and platform and importantly, if you have any deadlines you need us to adhere to. If you can provide us with as much detail as possible, we can use this to meticulously plan ahead, allowing our artists to create the product exactly how you envision it.

Concept art and sketches to assist with game art creation


We like things to run smoothly at Tiny Talisman and nothing helps us more than visual references. These references can do a fantastic job of telling us the exact style, look and feel you want your game to have, as well as the visual quality of the product. This can be quite important to distinguish the requirements between different platforms such as mobile, PC or the PS5. This can include anything from screenshots from already released games, real-world imagery, game art breakdowns, sketches or concept art. Looking on Artstation or Pinterest is a great place to start!

Image of game art planning

Getting into the technical details

To provide you with the exact results you need, knowing some of the technical details would allow for the process to run as smoothly as possible. This would include the Engine you are developing on, the intended platforms you plan on developing for, polygon count and texture resolutions. This doesn’t have to be exact but a rough guide can help.

Planning a game project

The tiniest detail goes a long way

The tiniest of details can really push a piece of art to a stronger quality, even the most insignificant details can help the artists truly envision what you are looking for. If you are unsure about the thing you want, Ask us! We are happy to help develop ideas and help you flesh out the product you want. Once you have provided us with all the information, we will get back to you in 1-2 business days with a free quote for our services.

We would love to hear about your project and provide a time and cost estimate. Feel free to write to us through the form below:

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