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Graphic Designer

Project Start Guidelines

In this guideline, we will detail all the relevant information that we find useful when starting a new outsourcing project. If you can provide us with any of these at the beginning, it can considerably speed up the process. We understand that you may know much of the information we lay out here and that’s totally fine. We are more than happy to help with any of it.


Asset Creation

  • Is concept art required? If so, do you have it already made or do you require us to develop it ourselves? 

  • What art style are you wanting us to create the assets in? Do you want it to look more like Fortnite, Overwatch or Spyro? Let us know!

  • Do you have references we can use as a guideline for what you’re looking for? 

  • Is a particular game engine required? Are there any special requirements for assets made for this engine? 

  • Is the model made from scratch or do you have a base mesh or blockout? 

  • Do you have a polygon limit for each model?

  • Does the asset require LODs? 

  • Does the asset need to be split for animation? 

  • Does the asset need collisions?

Digital Artist


  • Do you require a PBR texturing format?

  • Do you have references for the style of texturing you’re looking for?

  • What textures do you require? E.g. Base Colour, Normal, Roughness, Metallic

  • Do you need tiling textures? 

  • What texture file format (e.g. targa, jpeg, png) and texture size (e.g. 2048x2048) do you require? 

  • Do you have already made textures we can look at and follow? This can really help with keeping the assets and textures in your game consistent 

  • Do you have a particular texel density you want us to adhere to?



  • What game engine are you working in and what engine version?

  • Providing us with access to your project will allow us to do a deep dive into the inner workings of your game and write out a detailed analysis of what needs to be improved.

  • Are you developing your game for a particular platform? E.g. PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch? 

  • Is there a frame rate you’re trying to achieve for this particular system? For PC, this can be a rough estimate based on a particular system spec. 

  • Do you need LODs created for existing assets?


Set Dressing and Lighting

  • Do you want a jam-packed environment filled with a wide variety of assets or are you looking for something more simple? 

  • Are you wanting interior or exterior set dressing? Does this include more natural environments with trees, foliage and rocks or more man-made ones with buildings, beds and chairs? 

  • What kind of lighting setup are you looking for? Is it an exterior setup with a sun and sky or simply interior lighting with man-made lighting?

We would love to hear about your project and provide a time and cost estimate. Feel free to write to us through the form below:

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